Thursday, February 14, 2013

DVD's birthday

We sure haven't posted anything in a while!  We have been so busy with other social media sites, that we have neglected our Blogger account!

Today is February 14, 2013... which is not only Valentine's Day, but it is also Doggie Valentino's birthday.  Well, at least this is the day, the humans decided would be his birthday, because the truth is that we have no idea when his birthday is.  Doggie Valentino (aka DVD) was adopted from a local shelter two years ago... so this date is also special, because two years ago, DVD became part of the family.

The humans have been reminiscing about the day they adopted DVD.  Human mom had been regularly checking the North Central Animal Shelter's website and she had spotted a cute pup named "Henry."  Something about the sweet look in Henry's eyes that told human mom "he is the one!"  So, on Saturday, February 12th around noon, the humans went to the shelter and after meeting Henry, they decided to adopt him.  The volunteer at the shelter suggested that the humans look at other dogs, but human mom wouldn't consider that possibility.  Henry was renamed Doggie Valentino, but wasn't able to come home right away, because he had to be neutered.  The humans were told that they could pick up DVD after the surgery was completed.  Finally, on Monday, February 14th, DVD came home!  

In the beginning, DVD wouldn't even bark.  He also had a nasty case of kennel cough.  The humans didn't realize how sick he was, and eventually, they discovered he was even suffering from tapeworm.  Slowly and with much care and love, DVD grew stronger and happier.  After about a month of being home, he barked for the first time!  That's when the humans knew, he would be just fine   :)

Now, the humans can't imagine their lives without DVD (or without K9 too).  Taking care of doggies sure is a responsibility.  The humans have made several changes in their lives, but it's all worth it.  The unconditional love they receive every single day from both pups can't be expressed with enough words.  It is such a  joy to  cuddle with them every day.  It is so much fun to go for walks and watch them sniff and discover the world.  It is such bliss to have experienced such beautiful love.