Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Humans decide to definitely adopt

After seeing this article and watching the video in it:

My humans decided that they definitely want another dog!  I'm so happy because I could really use a companion/friend/brother/cousin.  Yesterday, as we walked around the neighborhood, they talked about getting more than one furry friend.  They want a home with a huge yard, so they can adopt 2 or 3 more dogs!

But that's in the future of course.  When a family lives in a city like Los Angeles, sometimes it's not easy to find a lot of land, unless we were willing to head to the suburbs.  But we like the city too much, so now it's a matter of finding the right place, which could be affordable and with a big yard.  I have a feeling it's all going to work itself out in due time    :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Adopting another dog

My humans recently began to talk about adopting another dog.  They visited a pet store, looking for a new 'stimulating toy' (not crazy about Kongs) when they saw a sign for adoptions.  They didn't find an interesting toy, so they visited a second pet store, and what do they see?  A sign for adoptions happening April 14-15!  So, they took it as a sign that it's time to adopt again. 

Here's more info, in case you're interested in adopting: http://www.petco.com/petco_Page_PC_storeadoptions.aspx

PETCO works with local shelters, and my humans want to see how I interact with the new guy (they're pretty sure they want a boy, and I think they even have a name picked out).  I'm so excited!  My humans were told to wait a full year to bond with me, because I had some abandonment issues (don't laugh, it's a real condition LOL).  Anyway, it's been more than a year, so it's time to add to the family.  I'm so excited.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

This morning, we visited Griffith Park.  I love going there, and for the first time, we checked out the dog park.  I met new furry friends and had a great time!

It's so important to remember that when visiting a dog park, humans and doggies must be aware of observing good etiquette.

  1. Be careful when coming in and out, and opening gates.  Don't let any furry creatures out.
  2. Pick up poop and maintain area clean.  Nobody wants to step on another doggie's logs.
  3. Yes, some dogs play rough, but don't let it get too far.  Nobody likes to get stitches after a visit to a dog park.
  4. Don't feed your dog treats, because it will make other dogs jealous.
  5. Don't bring people food either.  It's not nice to eat in front of dogs, because they feel left out.
  6. And be courteous and friendly, after all dogs are there to socialize.
Here's the video of our visit:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Traveling to dog friendly places

Before my humans adopted me, they traveled a lot.  They didn't want to stop, but with a dog (me) adjustments had to be made so I could join in the fun!  Now, we do tons of road trips, and this has led to a re-discovery of California.

A great inspiration has been Huell Howser, because he's been pretty much everywhere in the state. http://www.kcet.org/shows/huell_howser/

Usually my human mom will do the research about dog friendly places.  Then, once we arrive at the new place, my human dad takes care of the filming.  I just relax and do what they tell me which is usually "be yourself."  We have gone as far South as Solana Beach in San Diego County, as far North as San Simeon in San Luis Obispo County, and as far East as Laughlin, Nevada.  Not much you say?  And we agree!  This is why we can't wait to continue to visit new spots. 

It really is easy to travel with furry companions.  All you have to do is a little bit of planning.  We usually pack travel bowls for food and water, water, dry food, poop bags (we like BioBags), a couple of toys, and my leash of course!  You'd be surprised how many hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, etc. are dog friendly.  So with a little planning and researching, it's possible to get out there and explore with your pets!

Hermon Dog Park in Highland Park, Los Angeles

There's nothing better than being able to run around without a leash!

Second Episode. Carlsbad, California

We visited Carlsbad during Christmas.  It was nice because it's their slow season for tourism, so we had a very relaxing and chill vacation.


My humans love how accommodating Motel 6 has been, because we're all able to stay at their locations without extra charges, unlike other motel chains.  

Thee Dog Bakery, in Pasadena, California

I love the treats at the Three Dog Bakery!  I had to make a video to show my love.

First Episode. Paso Robles, California

Here is my first full episode:

We had a blast!  And my humans were able to bring me inside the Donati Winery tasting room.  It was almost closing time, but the friendly people in this winery opened their doors to us.  My humans were so grateful that they bought a few bottles of their delicious wine.

My first video!

Here is a preview of my very first video.  We were in Cayucos, California, just north of Morro Bay Rock.
Cayucos Beach has an area for dogs!  I was able to run around and enjoy myself.


My very first post!

Hello world!

I'm a 3 year old half Beagle, half Rat Terrier.  My humans rescued me a little more than a year ago on Valentine's Day of 2011.  That's why my name is Doggie Valentino.  Because my humans love to travel a lot, they take me pretty much everywhere they go.

If you'd like to see some of my travels, check out my youtube channel:

Doggie Valentino at Hermon Dog Park

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I consider myself lucky to have been adopted into a loving family. 
That's why I promote adoption from shelters.