Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buellton, California EPISODE

Buellton, California is North of my hometown in Los Angeles... it's a very laid back town, near Solvang.  It's a very chill place and great to recharge your batteries.  I felt no need to rush anywhere and enjoyed every moment there.

My humans really liked Andersen's Restaurant and they said the food was very good.  My human dad really doesn't love soup (he likes it, but doesn't love it, you know what I mean?), but he said the split pea soup was quite good.

In Buellton, you can enjoy a nice glass of wine too... there are several wineries that have popped up in the last few years.  You can also visit a couple of places from the movie Sideways... here's the map in case you're interested:

Hope you enjoy the video  :)
If you can't see the video for whatever reason, here's the link:


  1. Ciao Doggy Valentino, very pleased to meat you!!! I am Cosimo an italian Segusetter, that means, my father is an english Setter and my mother a bloodhound!! actually I am writing my first blog and I am very, very interesded to see whta my american "brothers" write in order to compare the italian dog way of life with the american!!! i think I'll join your site in order to be always informed!!
    Ciao da Cosimo

    P.S. sorry if my english is not the best!!!

    1. Wow! Mio nonno umano è Italiano!

      This is my first blog too, and I will read yours too :)
      Have you checked out Pet Blogs United? It's a good site for us furry creatures.

      Ciao amigo