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Friday, March 23, 2012

Traveling to dog friendly places

Before my humans adopted me, they traveled a lot.  They didn't want to stop, but with a dog (me) adjustments had to be made so I could join in the fun!  Now, we do tons of road trips, and this has led to a re-discovery of California.

A great inspiration has been Huell Howser, because he's been pretty much everywhere in the state.

Usually my human mom will do the research about dog friendly places.  Then, once we arrive at the new place, my human dad takes care of the filming.  I just relax and do what they tell me which is usually "be yourself."  We have gone as far South as Solana Beach in San Diego County, as far North as San Simeon in San Luis Obispo County, and as far East as Laughlin, Nevada.  Not much you say?  And we agree!  This is why we can't wait to continue to visit new spots. 

It really is easy to travel with furry companions.  All you have to do is a little bit of planning.  We usually pack travel bowls for food and water, water, dry food, poop bags (we like BioBags), a couple of toys, and my leash of course!  You'd be surprised how many hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, etc. are dog friendly.  So with a little planning and researching, it's possible to get out there and explore with your pets!

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