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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Griffith Park, Los Angeles

This morning, we visited Griffith Park.  I love going there, and for the first time, we checked out the dog park.  I met new furry friends and had a great time!

It's so important to remember that when visiting a dog park, humans and doggies must be aware of observing good etiquette.

  1. Be careful when coming in and out, and opening gates.  Don't let any furry creatures out.
  2. Pick up poop and maintain area clean.  Nobody wants to step on another doggie's logs.
  3. Yes, some dogs play rough, but don't let it get too far.  Nobody likes to get stitches after a visit to a dog park.
  4. Don't feed your dog treats, because it will make other dogs jealous.
  5. Don't bring people food either.  It's not nice to eat in front of dogs, because they feel left out.
  6. And be courteous and friendly, after all dogs are there to socialize.
Here's the video of our visit:

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